Shiatsu - The Art of TouchShiatsu is a Japanese technique that, through precise modalities of finger pressure, gives a psychological well-being to those who receives it.

Compared with other treatments, the one who receives shiatsu has the feeling of participating actively in the therapy without suffering it; as a feather follows the breeze so the one who submits to the Shiatsu practice has the feeling of dancing with the therapist.

Shiatsu uses several techniques that can vary from a high penetration (no pressure, then) to a light and relaxing touch. The Shiatsu practitioner use the receiver as a lever to balance his/her own body and holding hands in constant contact gives a feeling of protection and well-being.

In Shiatsu practice is fundamental not only the medical case of the client but, above all, the energetic one; so the diagnosis is based on energetic blocks that afflict the body of who receives the Shiatsu, rebalancing the self-healing powers of the person.

From the above, it is therefore clear that at the base of Shiatsu there are no symptoms but the causes of the illness.

The shiatsu techniques gives force to the body and calm to the mind.

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The Art of Touch

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