Shiatsu - Eloisa RizzottiShiatsu is not invasive; it is given at the floor level on a futon, but could be performed seated in a special Shiastu chair or on a couch.

Each session last approximately 45 min.

I recommend that clients not eat heavily at least 60 minutes before the session, that they wear comfortable clothes (not jeans, shorts or skirt) for better stretches and rotations, and also to wear or bring clean socks (no bare feet) for good foot massage.

The first session will be a little longer since I will ask you about your medical conditions and lifestyle.



At the end of each session I will suggest you to do a corrective exercise called “Makko/ho” and I will advice you about diet and lifestyle.

In most cases injury and pain are gone forever or at worst easily manageable.

Shiatsu - Eloisa RizzottiShiatsu - Eloisa Rizzotti Shiatsu - Eloisa Rizzotti






I will use different type of bodywork depending on the individual needs ranging from

  • joint mobilization
  • stretches
  • holding
  • soft tissue massage (to free up the muscles around the joint) and muscle energy technique

not only in the interested area but also the area from were the problem derives.
In fact every part of our body is connected with other parts, so you should not be surprised that a state of pain in an area is resolved treating a different area.


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