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Dear Eloisa, My name is Paul,I suffer from headache. Can shiatsu alleviate the symptoms?

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Headache and Shiatsu
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Dear Paul,

According to traditional chinese medicine in our body runs a vital energy called Ki in a series of multiple channels called meridians.If for unknown reasons this energy is blocked many different type of symptoms may arise. These meridians are also connected with our internal organs.If there is an imbalance in the liver this may cause a headache.But also other organs can be involved.The task of the shiatsu practitioner is to discover the root of causes.Another impotrant reason is where the headache is located in your head.For example headeche at the back of the skull is normally caused by an imbalance of the bladder and kidney meridians.The shiatsu practitioner in this case will disperse these blocked energy in order to take off the Ki stagnation.

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Answer for Headache and Shiatsu