Shiatsu - The Art of Touch The Art of Touch - Shiatsu is a Japanese technique that, through precise modalities of finger pressure, gives a psychological well-being to those who receives it. Compared with other treatments, the one who receives shiatsu has the feeling of participating actively in the therapy without suffering it; as a
Zen Shiatsu Zen Shiatsu – The Masunaga Method - Shiatsu is a technique that has its roots in Chinese medicine; first practiced by Buddhist monks that exported it to Japan, it was consolidated thanks to Tokujiru Namikashi and evolved to the present day. Today there are more Shiatsu methods, the most
History of Shiatsu History of Shiatsu - Shiatsu is a massage technique that acts on the energy flow of the individual facilitating its function; the term, composed of two sinograms, informs that through fingers (指 Shi: finger) and thanks to precise pressure modalities (圧 atsu: pressure) the practitioner transmits his/her energy to the benefit of the client.