Eloisa Rizzotti

Eloisa Rizzotti is an energetic and empathetic Shiatsu practitioner.

Born in Italy, she earned his studies at the British School of Shiatsu-do, channeling her natural talents of acupressure.

«Some members of my family had the gift to relieve musculoskeletal pain through finger pressure. So, my fate was inevitable!» – she says – and she dedicates her life to her clients with the same energy she uses to describe herself, accompanying them along a way as much intimate as productive.

After a period of practice in Italy and experiences with disabled people, she moved to London where she practices her profession with big passion.

Professional and attentive to food problems, Eloisa Rizzotti practices Zen Shiatsu enriching it with studies of naturopathy and without neglecting physical activity.

Through Zen Shiatsu and naturopathic nutrition therefore Eloisa Rizzotti leads her clients to a healthy and vital life.